Communion and Solitude

Communion gives us warmth.
Singleness gives us light.
At immeasurable distance stands one single star at the zenith.
This star is the God and goal of humanity.
In this world one is Abraxas,
creater and destroyer of one's world.

for clarity and communion. ask me anything.  
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If you ever think you’re getting too heated about your fandom, just remember that Jeremy Brett flipped a table in defense of the Sherlock Holmes Canon.

dear of him.

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On this episode of Hope of All Trades, I recently attended 221B Con, and it was amazing! One of the panels I was on was the “How to Podcast” panel. I was joined by Gariath from Leveling Azeroth, Amy from the Baker Street Babes, and Emma from Three Patch Podcast.

We talked about equipment, how to make content, microphones, where to host your podcast, merchandise, and so much more.

Make sure you check this one out!

Thank you to Emma and Three Patch for recording this episode for me!

Make sure you check out their shows too!

Leveling Azeroth: website, twitter, facebook

bakerstreetbabes : website, twitter, facebook, tumblr

threepatchpodcast: website, twitter, facebook, tumblr

Thanks for listening!

Feedback for this show can be sent to:

You can now follow Hope on Twitter @HopeMullinax

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The Gene Szafran covers

This is my favourite sic-fi artist.  he did some other covers also.  I always buy any book with a cover he designed.  I have an Agatha Christie one!


The Gene Szafran covers

This is my favourite sic-fi artist.  he did some other covers also.  I always buy any book with a cover he designed.  I have an Agatha Christie one!

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"LUCKY PENNY TALKS TO JEREMY (D'ARTAGNAN) BRETT" (Interview from British teen magazine 'Diana - The Paper for Girls Who Love Good Stories,' 25 March 1967)

  • Lucky Penny: You were born in Warwickshire. What were some of your favourite subjects at school?
  • Jeremy Brett: History and art. I loved painting landscapes and fish--they've marvelous colouring when you get to know them.
  • LP: If you weren't yourself--which person, living or dead, would you like to be?
  • JB: Definitely, Christopher Columbus. What a thrill to be a discoverer of the New World. Imagine saying to your friends, 'I've just found a continent--care to join me?'
  • LP: If you weren't an actor--what would you do for a living?
  • JB: I'd run a stable in the sunniest corner of England--if I could find such a place. I'd also have practically every breed of dog sharing the premises--nothing like dogs for the company, they're helpful, too.
  • LP: How did you get the part of D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers?
  • JB: I was on holiday in Greece, swimming and sunning myself, and I'd been there about three weeks. One afternoon, the hotel clerk said there was a telegram from London waiting for me at the Post Office. I didn't want to collect it--I thought, 'Oh oh, time's up Bill Bailey, won't you please come home.' But, when I finally opened the wire, it was offering me the part of D'Artagnan and asking for a hasty reply. Of course, the answer was 'yay.'
  • LP: Would you like to have lived during the 17th and 18th century?
  • JB: Yes, I much prefer the way of life during those times. I'd far rather ride a horse to Calais than go by train. Perhaps life was more dangerous then, but it was far more exciting and satisfying.
  • LP: You do a lot of fencing as D'Artagnan--where did you learn?
  • JB: I learnt fencing as a student at the Central School of Speech and Drama. And, since then, I've done about a fight a year in different parts--which has stopped me from getting rusty. For the series, though, we four Musketeers were coached for a week by a professional fencing master before the show began.
  • LP: Do you enjoy being a hero of another day and time?
  • JB: Yes, I certainly do. I'm a terribly romantic person, anyway. I get a tremendous kick riding a horse and galloping off into the night. And showing good manners, bravery, and deep, sincere feelings for someone. But it's a bit of a letdown when I leave the studios and have to go to push and shove my way into the grey, jam-packed underground station again.
  • LP: What do you think about the costumes of that time, compared with the men's gear of today?
  • JB: Some of their gear was far more practical than we have today. Their riding boots, for instance, came well over the knee and protected it. But now, the boots are buttoned, come below the knee, press into you--and are terribly hard to keep on when galloping at speed.
  • LP: What kind of music do you enjoy?
  • JB: I'm a bit lazy when it comes to music. I use it--rather than sit and listen to it. I like it to be a soothing background.
  • LP: If you were on a desert island, which record and which living thing would you like for company--NO RELATIVES ALLOWED?
  • JB: The record would be the long player by the Beach Boys, 'Pet Sounds.' And, for company, I'd take my mongrel dog, Binks--known as Bonkers to his friends.
  • LP: Who is your favourite--male and female--film star?
  • JB: The male is the French film star Jean-Paul Belmondo. I like him as an actor and as a person. And my favourite female is Julie Christie. To me, she's a great 'star' and personality in the entertainment world.
  • LP: What are your favourite colours?
  • JB: All shades of brown, except the very muddy one. And bright, bright blue.
  • LP: Who are your fave singers and groups?
  • JB: Fave singers--Georgie Fame, Nancy Wilson. And groups--The Beach Boys and the Four Tops.
  • LP: Are you superstitious about good and bad luck?
  • JB: I'm superstitious about one or two things. I'll never light three cigarettes with one match. They say that superstition was born in the trenches during the First World War when snipers would watch for lights--and kill the third man to accept a light. I don't walk under ladders unless I'm compelled to--or on the cracks in the pavement, which means you mightn't get an important phone call.
  • LP: If you could treat yourself to one thing--what would it be?
  • JB: I'd like to own Cavallo--the chestnut horse I rode in The Three Musketeers.
  • LP: What do you most like to eat? Can you give me the recipe?
  • JB: I like to eat everything--my fave food is a very well-cooked, giant-sized mixed grill, with lemon pancakes to finish me off. But, I'm sorry I can't oblige you with a recipe, my cooking begins and ends with boiled eggs.
  • LP: Is there one special quality you look for in a girl?
  • JB: Yes, there is--I like a girl who looks you 'straight in the eye,' especially when you're talking to her. Girls who give sidelong glances or look around the room the whole time, are no pals of mine. I also think the shape of a mouth tells a lot about a girl's character--and I'm not deceived by make-up, either.
  • LP: Could you tell me of one amusing moment?
  • JB: I know a number, but this incident was a big laugh on me. You know we mentioned fencing earlier on, and that practice week before the series began. Well, it was a terrific giggle--we all knew how to fence, but we weren't much good at 'parrying' with precision. We knocked off each other's hats, nearly sniped away glued moustaches, ripped and ruined countless silk jackets and lace ruffles, and I even made a whopping great hole in Porthos' best pair of silk hose. As long as we didn't get scratched and slashed, though, nothing else mattered.
  • At the end of the week with no fatal accidents, we thought ourselves very clever chaps.
  • The following Monday, the full cast arrived at the studio for the grand start and I had my first duel. About five minutes before this momentous moment, I decided to have a quick swing and pulled at the sword fixed in my scabbard, but nothing happened. The producer screamed, 'Jeremy, where are you? En garde, ready for action, NOW!' In a frenzy, I tugged like a superman--and, SMACK, sword, scabbard and chain broke off and belted me in the eye. What a cavalier!
  • LP: What sort of person would you like to most like to be?
  • JB: I'd like to be the kind of person whom people enjoy having around.
  • It's great to see how eloquent he was, and how he loved animals. This is an opportunity to see his values and the way he freely expressed himself, dear of him.
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Bee Quilt

The material has been hand dyed with turmeric, tea and onions skins. Then hand printed with lino cuts to represent the larvae, workers, drones and the single queen bee. The quilt was then then pieced, quilted and bound by hand.

The bees are arranged in a rough imitation of the structure of a hive: the queen is surrounded by workers, each drone and larvae are attended by their own workers, while others form a circle to represent a “bee dance” and some stand guard at the entrance to the hive.

This is really amazing!  Such attention to detail, and hand-dyed with natural materials!  Goodness.  So impressed.

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emmadelosnardos asked: No need to be ashamed! I have not read it yet, either. What have you read and liked by Greene?

Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, The Quiet American.  It seems I read another, but I can’t seem to remember which it was.


Quiz Construction Plea

Greetings!  I have to make up a quiz for work for the International Day Against Homophobia, May 17.  I need the two most well-known people for each of the LGBT categories.  So far I have:

L: Ellen Degeneres

G: George Takei and probably Oscar Wilde

B: ?

T: Lana Wachowski

O Tumblr-friends, who are they most likely to know?  It is not that I don’t know other LGBT people - I am looking for the most well-known ones.   Obviously there is Chas Bono, but he is most famous for being trans, and there is Chelsea Manning, but I can’t choose her for other reasons. Who are famous bi people?  There must be lots, but they need to be also famously bi as well as being famously famous.  Do you have other suggestions for G?  Who is the most famous lesbian?  Thank you so much in advance.

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Anonymous asked: Hiya! Could you explain why you think it's a good thing Johnlock won't become canon? I'm not trying to attack your opinion - I also expect it won't happen, and think the show (and ship) will be just as brilliant if they remain friends. But I don't see how it wouldn't be just as good if it did turn out to be endgame.


There was this famously gay English icon/playwright/prisoner Oscar Wilde who wrote “The Importance of Being Ernest.” His character Gwendolen said “This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” Mark Gatiss once tellingly misquoted the play when discussing Reichenbach:

Asked how guilty he felt about teasing viewers with the cliffhanger, Moffat said: “It’s not teasing them about the fate of a kidnapped relative.

"It’s a television program! So not at all. That’s storytelling."

Gatiss added: “Also, Doyle threw him off a waterfall and left it for ten years, then it came back. We left it two and a half minutes!

"We’re quite nice. Also remember the great adage - the suspense is killing me, I hope it will last." (x)

Suspense is what has made this show an international phenomenon. Pair them off canonically and the pre-coital erotic buzz expends itself. It would be like letting the air out of the balloon. They have no plans to end the show. 

Keep in mind Gatiss is a horror aficionado. We yell “kiss him!” the way you’d yell “don’t go chasing that sound in the dark alone, idiot!” The difference is in horror the victim always does and we like that because we’re blood thirsty. A Johnlock kiss leads where? You can’t domesticate Sherlock Holmes. There’s nothing more boring than marriage. Even murder can’t spice up a wedding scene. 

We will get oodles and oodles of unrequited desire, however. That’s part of the engine. We’ll never hear if Sherlock is straight or gay ergo suspense…

There’s nothing more boring than marriage. Even murder can’t spice up a wedding scene.


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This whole movie was one giant pun

HAPPY ST. DAVID’S DAY!  Hooray!  Today, you can wear a leek in your hat!

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Dear of him.

Dear of him.

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Cabin Pressure Recording: Recap


So… where do I even begin?

I’m going to get my thank you’s out of the way first – none of this wouldn’t have been possible without David Tyler’s extreme generosity and faith in the project. I had sent a rather cheeky email to Pozzitive Productions back in November, informing them about the project and asking if there was a way to give them the final results (I’ll note that this was NOWHERE near the deadline and we were still in the early stages). Two months later and after thinking that the email had fallen into the bin, I got an email back from David – with a ticket.

I also need to thank my friend M (nickname in case she didn’t want her name posted up) who was my amazing videographer and photographer during the gift distribution bit. How she wasn’t shaking behind the camera is beyond me – I would have been a nervous wreck! So thanks dear for being an awesome friend and helping me out with this.

And of course – I have to thank YOU all because you submitted videos and photos and money to the project and the fundraiser. Over the past few months I have been absolutely blown away by everyone’s loveliness and generosity. These past few hours have also been a bit surreal, with all the wonderful asks, tweets, and messages. It’s just been incredible, and I am glad to be part of such a supportive fandot.

Now. Onto the good stuff and what you all have been waiting for. :)

Note: there are casting spoilers of non-permanent characters in what is about to be explained. If you do not want to hear who was there at the recording, please do not read this account.

At the same time, if you are reading this in search of plot spoilers, you’re not going to get them here.

(And if you’re here to read about spoilers – as in air flaps on the wings that produce drag and not a lot of lift – then I’m going to take this moment to apologize for my lack of knowledge on aviation technology, so you’re fresh out of luck here…)

P.S. I write novel length entries about events that mean a lot to me, so sit back with a cup tea and get comfortable – this will be basically an essay.

P.P.S. Sorry my photos of the cast pre-gift giving are a bit crap. I tried to hide my hideous red focus light that may have actually been needed to make the photos a bit better…

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What a dear person.  8^)

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Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars.

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That’s exactly how it works.  8^)

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Here’s your Valentine’s Day card, everyone!

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